James Anderson’s record-breaking moment

It couldn’t have been scripted any better: James Anderson, bowling for the final time with his close friend Alastair Cook on the field, knocking the middle pole out of the ground to wrap up an emphatic victory and become statistically the world’s best pace bowler.

Slapping the middle stump out of the ground – there is no finer or more spectacular sight that you can ask for as a fast bowler. There it was, flattened. Bang – done, end of the match. It was brilliant.

Anderson has developed his game so magnificently that he’s always a threat, swing or no swing. He’s dangerous in all conditions.

The wobble seam delivery he has developed – which basically means that the ball can move either way and can confound a batsman – is extremely clever, and the control he has is magnificent.

Ball after ball, off an easily grooved run-up – he’s at you all the time. As a batsman, you have absolutely no let-up at all.

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